TIMBER doodle botanical bar


         An exploration in branding, letterpress, and sustainability, Timber Doodle was my creation for my senior capstone project at NKU. I have always had a desire to open a small business. I wanted to use this opportunity to understand the experience of conceptualizing a business idea and designing for the brand from start to finish. The art of letterpress is something that I have admired since I first learned of it. I appreciate the unique, hand-done element it brings to design. As someone who values the delicacy of nature, I took measures to ensure that I am always cautious of our environment when I am designing and producing. In order to do so, I use recycled papers and environmentally friendly materials when possible. For the production of this project I used 100% cotton paper, 100% recycled paper, rubber-based inks, biodegradable citrus-based solvents, and repurposed wood.


– Brand Identity
– Package Design
– Photography
– Exhibition Design